The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education believes that movement is life and that improved actions will improve life. Its purpose is to reawaken gentle curiosity, reclaim what we once knew as spontaneous movement, encourage the nervous system to function properly, and bring awareness through movement.

By teaching you to regain mobility after accidents or illness, reducing chronic pain, helping you move with efficiency and ease, reducing tension and stress, and teaching you to remain active no matter what your age, Feldenkrais reawakens your potential and recaptures the effortless movement that translates to a freer life.


Feldenkrais offers two approaches—

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) teaches you the secrets to changing habitual movement patterns. You learn to explore movement patterns that improve efficiency and reduce pain. This is offered in a group class.

Functional Integration (FI) tailors the learning and pain relief to your individual conditions in a private session.


Contact Lesa Magee, Yoga Quest’s guild-certified Feldenkrais practicioner, about an initial consulation and follow-up appointments at 918-406-7371.


Lesa is a graduate of the Oregon Professional Feldenkrais Training Program, which takes eight weeks a year for four years to complete. She graduated in 1996 and maintains a busy Feldenkrais Practice. Lesa also holds a degree in Physical Therapist Assistant from Tulsa Junior College and a Massage Certificate from The Santa Barbara School of Massage. Lesa’s most recent certification is in Hellinger Family Constellation Work.