Dee Anne DayDee Anne Day

Dee began dance lessons at the age of 4.  Ballet soon proved to be her forte’ and she  learned how important alignment and listening to her body was to her performance.

Dee continued to be physically active adding aerobics, kickboxing and with the help of her husband, Bob as Captain, of course, tandem bike racing.

Co-owning a manufacturing business with her sister, Tonya, for 20 years Dee has developed a strong business background.  She also dealt with the stress that comes with that.  In 2005 Dee decided it was time to make a career change.  The stress and long hours had taken it’s toll on her health.  Five years before she had taken her first Bikram yoga class with Greg McCann, founder of Yoga Quest.  It was an instant connection – reminding her of her ballet years .Both required discipline, determination and body awareness.  So, in 2005 she left for 9 weeks of intensive teacher training at Bikram headquarters in LA.  She started teaching at Yoga Quest, where her practice began.

Two years later Bob and Dee moved to Costa Rica for what turned out to be quite an adventure.  She had never lived away from family before, spoke very little Spanish and besides Mexico had never been outside the country.  It didn’t take long before she was volunteering at a gym in the city of San Ramon twice a week teaching yoga to mostly “ticas”.  Dee was then asked to manage the only hot yoga studio at a resort in the country, Doce Lunas, on the Central Pacific Coast.  Dee also facilitated yoga retreats for groups from across the US and continued to travel back to Tulsa on a regular basis to fill in when Teresa Taylor went on vacation.  “I loved going back to Yoga Quest.  It gave me that warm feeling – the one you get when you go home for the holidays.  The people at the studio made me feel so welcome and missed.”

It was a natural fit when Teresa retired for Dee to take over the studio.  Bob and Dee are back in Tulsa now although they still have their home in Costa Rica.  “I am so excited to have the opportunity to carry on what Greg started and Teresa kept going.  The baton has been passed and I am very fortunate to be in this position.  The yQ family is the best!  Big changes are coming …hey, I might even get Bob to go to teacher training!!”