Pretty awesome, week 6 and have lost 15 pounds and gained tons of flexibility. The instructors make it very calm and refreshing and I encourage everyone to give it a try,,,,,it’s addictive. – Don

Love this place! Just moved here from CA and drive to OK City because I couldn’t find a Bikram studio and one of the students mentioned Yoga Quest , a lot closer than the two hour drive to OK! 😉 Wish they had a 6pm class on Friday. – Dorene

Awesome best experience I have had with a hot yoga class, challenging and exciting!!! Must do..!!! – Blake

Hot yoga can transform your life. Get guidance and no judgement instruction here from compassionate teachers. – Tommie

I am so grateful for this place, these people, and the practice of yoga. My first class and first experience with yoga was bikram, and I am hooked. If you are thinking about trying it out, do. Your mind and body will thank you. – Amanda

I’ve practicing here since 2008.
Best of the best, knowledgeable instructors.
Great fellowship.
If you’ve yet to try the hot yoga- just do it.
We’re all there- together.
Sweating in unison.
-Bones to Skin

Pure hot yoga! 110 degrees, great humidity and awesome teachers.- Sally

Love, love, love my yoga at Yoga a quest!!!!!!! Addicted! I’ve never done anything more beneficial or challenging! It meets you where you are and pushes you to where you can go! – Kimberly

I was introduced to Bikram yoga by my sweet friend Heidi Jackson, almost 15 years ago! Yoga Quest had just recently been opened by Greg & Maria. I quickly became addicted to Bikram. It helped me to get an amazing workout as well as to give me 90 minutes daily of peace in my life. Twelve years later I still enjoy the challenge of the Bikram method as well as the the long lasting benefits that help me to improve my mind, body and spirit! – Mary

I started Bikram yoga after my son was born to keep flexibility and bring my body back into shape, and within a few months I started noticing a big difference. The heat helps with the poses, not to mention releasing toxins from the body. I am hooked! – Meloni

I discovered Bikram yoga in 2001, after realizing that although I’d raced triathlons of varying distances for 7+ years at that point, my body felt vulnerable–like I might misstep and injure myself. I’d tried other types of yoga in the past, but either found the classes boring and easy, or else too challenging and I would end up pulling or tweaking something trying to imitate the pretzel poses of the instructor.  So the heat of the Bikram studio was perfect, since it not only made my muscles and tendons/ligaments more pliable but also forced me to move slowly and deliberately so as to not pass out!  One unexpected benefit was that I began learning how to focus on a single moment or movement–again, a Bikram survival tactic!–and filter out everything else. This valuable skill has helped me survive a multitude of challenges outside the studio as well. (And it turns out that a modified Bikram practice also serves as a great rehab program for me throughout the various traumatic injuries that I incur from continuing to compete in multi-sports–muscle pulls, rotator cuff tears, shoulder separations, etc!)  In my travels over the years, I’ve had the chance to practice in Bikram yoga studios throughout the USA–even in New Zealand–and it’s reassuring to know that every instructor will be knowledgeable and properly trained; I know what 26 asanas to expect, and feel ‘at home’ in the studio no matter where I happen to be!  Although I periodically do other styles of yoga, I find myself always returning to the Bikram series; it makes sense, and has helped me stay fit and supple for over a decade! – Lisa