A yogaQuest Success Story

Recently, yogaQuest member Andrea K. shared her personal success story. We love bringing health and happiness to the Tulsa yoga community!

Thank you so much for sharing your motivating and encouraging story, Andrea K.!

Why did you start practicing yoga?

I started yoga after years of battling anxiety and depression. Through bio-feedback, I learned that I was constantly engaging my fight or flight functions due to the conditions of my past. My thoughts were constantly racing and I was becoming increasingly exhausted, mentally and physically. I wanted to sleep all the time and avoided leaving my house. The answer to my problems was to learn to breathe and relax.

How has this practice helped you?

Yoga has taught me to relax and be present. In classes, students are constantly reminded to control and to be aware of their breath. Also, when in certain yoga poses, I can’t think of anything else but being in the pose! I have learned what being present feels like and I am able to apply that feeling in other instances in my life.

Why do you continue your practice? 

Practice makes perfect and I appreciate the challenge of the more difficult poses. I like Bikram classes because it is a complete body workout, including internal organs. I love Vinyasa classes because they are always different with varying level s of difficulty. I am in the best shape and health of my life! Also, it beats anti-depressants…

Why did you choose yogaQuest?

My friend, Anne, had been trying to get me to try yoga for almost a year before I finally went. YogaQuest is a few blocks from my house and I enjoy the ability to walk in nice weather. Also, I think the monthly rate is an incredible deal for as often as I attend.

Would you like to share your own yoga story? We’d love to hear it! Please reach out to tulsayogaquest@gmail.com