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Red Lotus Health

Anna Veronesi has been a healing arts practitioner in Tulsa since 1996. Her past and current studies include Hendricks Body-Centered Transformation, Resonance Re-patterning, Cranial-Sacral and Neuromuscular training, Reiki, Auricular Therapy, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Ankrum Institute of Advanced Bodywork, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BMP), Qi Gong, White Crane Silat Kung Fu, Yoga, and Americorps National Service.  

Anna is also the director of Shambhala Tulsa, which is part of an international mandala of meditation centers.  She brings 20+ years of experience and study to each session to support and cultivate optimum health and vitality.

Her philosophy is based on the understanding that every cell in our body is hard-wired for health and will go to great lengths to find the most dynamic state of wellness possible.

A red lotus symbolizes the Heart Lotus.  The original state of the heart, a red lotus symbolizes love, compassion, empathy, passion, and other emotions of the heart.  It represents life, both creation and existence, virtue, discipline, purity, the sacred, and auspicious spiritual awakening.

Anna currently offers these healing modalities:

Therapeutic Massage - $80/Hour

Each massage session is taylor fit to be the most supportive for your body.   This may include myofacial, acupressure, cranial-sacral, neuromuscular, deep tissue, or Swedish techniques.  

Acupuncture - $80–$120, first session is $120

Acupuncture + Massage 90 min. session - $130

This ancient healing system uses fine sterile needles inserted into the skin in order to stimulate Chi (Qi), or Life Force.  By supporting and clearing this energetic system the body-mind is able to return to its natural state of health and balance as well a preventing imbalances that cause disease.  Occasionally the use of moxibustion is used in conjunction with the needles for tonifying or removing blockages in the system. 

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy - $100 (Sessions are 1-2 hours)

The healthy pH in the human body is 7.3-7.45, which is slightly alkaline. When our pH is out of balance, either too acidic or too alkaline we create the perfect environment for pathogens; bacteria, viruses, funguses, or parasites to thrive.  Pathogen overgrowth naturally produces toxins and enzymes that create inflammation in the body, resulting in disease.  Using applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to scan the body for pH imbalances and then applying therapeutic grade magnets using both polarities, we depolarize this resonance.  This allows the pH to return to its natural homeostasis, in turn leaving the environment inhospitable for pathogens to survive.  All the while strengthening the immune system, which is our number one defense mechanism for fighting off disease. 

You can reach Anna by phone at 918-344-1269—please text or leave a voicemail—or you can email her here