Dee Day

Dee began her yoga practice at yogaQUEST in 2000. In 2005, she decided it was time to make a career change and went to intensive yoga teacher training at the Bikram headquarters in LA, where she received her 500 YT Certification. When yQ’s owner retired in 2012, she took over the business. 

Between her teacher training and ownership of yQ, Dee moved with her husband to Costa Rica, where she volunteered as a yoga teacher at the gym in San Ramon and was recruited to manage the Doce Lunas resort hot yoga studio. Dee also facilitated yoga retreats for groups from across the U.S. 

Dee teaches Bikram hot yoga and Barkan Method hot yoga/vinaysa.

Rachel (2).jpg

Rachel Calvert

Rachel began practicing yoga in 2013 when her younger brother was hospitalized with stage-four brain cancer. When he asked for bodywork, that was a jumping off point for Rachel. Focusing on her breath helped ground her and remind her to live in the present.

Rachel began teaching in 2014 and has a 200RYT certification through Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified Thai bodyworker and Reiki Master. Currently, she is working on an advanced bodywork certification at Ankrum Institute and a massage license, both of which she expects to complete in 2019.

Because of her love of the outdoors, Rachel teaches classes at Turkey Mountain on Sundays, at 7 p.m., when weather appropriate (usually May–October). She also teaches hot vinyasa, hot 60, yin, and gentle/restorative classes. In her classes, emphasis on the breath for a whole mind-body experience is paramount.

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Hugh Flannery

Hugh Flannery began his yogic journey in 2001 at yogaQuest after years of hard labor. He felt his body was deteriorating and, he jokes, that he was pulling muscles even getting out of bed. After four years of regular practice, he became certified as a Bikram instructor in fall 2005 and began teaching. He then studied for seven consecutive years with Jimmy Barkan.

Hugh wants to reach anyone who wants to practice. “A person does not have to be 'in shape' to begin a yoga practice” he says. “Yoga is for everybody. I’d be happy to have a room full of people who don’t know what they’re doing, as much as a room full of longtime practitioners.”

He has an ERYT200 certification and teaches Hot 90, Hot 60, and Barkan-method vinyasa. 

Deborah Smiley.jpg

Debra Smiley

Debra  is a full-time yoga teacher and holds a ERYT200 certification in iyengar yoga, which focuses on alignment, strength in holding the poses, and breath.

Besides focusing on core strength in her classes, Debra also leads poses that involve dynamic stretching to increase circulation and healing, and resistance stretching to increase strength and improve flexibility—a return to her background in ballet.

“I don’t just lead,” she says. “I tell people what’s happening physically within their bodies because I love the science behind yoga. How breath, twists, and turns massage and bring health to the internal organs. It’s more than just learning the poses. The ‘why’ gives you incentive to do it.”

Debra teaches heated vinyasa flow, a blend of vinyasa and iyengar poses, and not-heated core strength and stretch classes.


Beth Richmond

Beth Richmond began practicing yoga as a way to manage anxiety and depression. She brings that expertise—helping others get out of their heads and into their bodies—to her teaching. She began teaching in March 2017.

Beth teaches pre-natal yoga, hot vinyasa, and restorative yoga. Students in her classes can expect longer-held poses to get into the nervous system. Movement follows breath, because Beth believes it all begins there. She also has an interest in trauma-informed yoga and she begins kundalini training in November 2017. 

Beth is a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) through Yoga Alliance. 

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Patricia Rodriguez-Lozano

Patricia Rodriguez-Lozano began her wellness career as a personal trainer—then she found hot yoga. She loved the healing aspects of the practice and hasn’t stopped in 20 years. 

Patricia teaches gentle and yin restorative yoga. Her teaching style works to meet Patanjali’s asana description which is “steady and easy” - the only two words for asana practice in the yoga sutras. She offers a lot of variety in movement in her classes, so that the body moves in new directions, and works to engage the breath and help her students reach heightened awareness. Leaning towards meditative yin style, Patricia believes that if “we know our breath and our limits, when we go to our yang style—like vinyasa flow and Bikram—we’re prepared.” 

Patricia learned yoga fundamentals through Svraroopa Yoga Rama Berch and has a 200-hour certification from Living Yoga program. She is close to a fully documented 500-hour certification.

Amber pic.jpg

Amber Willems

Amber started taking yoga classes in college to avoid homework and to destress. While working at a YMCA, she had the opportunity to learn to teach cardio, strength, and cycle classes. Amber continued to enjoy taking yoga classes at the Y and eventually started trying out local yoga studios. Seeing how much more the world of yoga had to offer, she plunged into her first 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. It didn’t take long to realize what an incredible difference the practice of yoga was making in people’s lives. After being a small part of this process, Amber couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Becoming immersed in the yoga community, she completed an additional 300 hours of training in 2017.

When Amber’s not teaching yoga, she can be found rock climbing or spoiling her Shiba Inu dog Kili (Kilimanjaro).